The Faculty of Education of Godfrey Okoye University was established on 11th November 2011, with one department called Department of Education.  There were 4 sub-departments which included sub-department of Arts Education, Science Education, Social Science Education and Technical & Vocational Education housing degree programmes.

Owing to poor enrollment of students into the Faculty, it became necessary to recognize and merge some of the sub-departments but into full-fledged department as presently constituted (See list of departments)

The faculty has a state of the art micro-teaching laboratory



The philosophy of the Faculty of Education is derived from the philosophy of Godfrey Okoye University which sees human person as a dialogue-seeking social being, who sees education as a dialogical process of acquisition and dissemination of knowledge. In addition, driving from the Nigeria National Policy on Education, the Faculty expects that every Nigerian person must be liberated from the bondage of ignorance and elevated through high education to the level that offers opportunity to enjoy and contribute to the advancement of a free and democratic society, just and egalitarian society, united, strong and self-reliant nation.



The vision of the Faculty of Education is to produce professional graduate teachers with balanced character and personality through the process of dialogue, which in turn will help them to deal with the dynamic nature of Nigeria Society.



The mission of the Faculty is to impart quality and functional education which is holistic in nature but well grounded through specialization in any of the Arts and Social Science Education; Science and Vocational Education Programmes available in the Faculty.



In order to put the above philosophy, vision and mission into practical outcome, the Faculty shall be able to:-

1)   Produce prospective teachers with the knowledge skills and attitude which will enable them to teach effectively firstly in the secondary schools;

2)   Produce teachers who have sound mastery of their subjects areas and ability to impart such knowledge to their students;

3)   Produce highly motivated, conscientious and efficient classroom teachers for all levels of our educational system;

4)   Produce prospective teachers with proper leadership qualities, who would fit into the social life of the community where the find themselves and the nation at large;

5)   Encourage the spirit of inquiry, creativity and entrepreneurship in prospective teachers;

6)   Prepare our students for post-graduate education.